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Wandered in?

This is a small Temple for a small group of wanderers and exiles.
We embrace perspectives of love, liberation, autonomy, and community.

Our Way

This is a Temple of Exiles.

Become your knowledge of exile.
  1. Do your best to be kind to all others.

    Hate is not tolerated, and as such we actively take efforts to defederate from places with congregations of fascists, TERFs, or other groups whose existence is predicated on the harm of others.
    As such, it is our duty to protect each other. That includes active efforts to be kind to each other, and speaking up when someone or somewhere is engaging in harmful, hateful behavior.
    To do so, contact @exiliaex or email admin@masto.anarch.cc
  2. Do not post illicit content

    If you need to commit crimes, do not post evidence of it here, for both your and my safety.
    As such we also actively take efforts to report and remove harmful images and videos (such as those depicting the sexual abuse of children) and defederate from any instance which does not.
  3. NSFW content

    The human body is beautiful and we believe it should be shown and enjoyed in its multitude and variety, but, when posting NSFW content, please always do so with a content warning. Doing otherwise will get us defederated from other instances and may have greater repercussions.