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Last day! DAY 20 of anarchist foxes and or bats! 🦇🥺🦊 , I am sorry it took from October to now. But we made it!

i think it'd be fun to try to sketch out the relationship between property/enclosures/etc to the question of "where do we put our excess" to understand how communities have been deprived of methods of maintaining any fixtures of collective experience

right now, in the "online left" spaces on twitter, they're debating xenogenders for the umpteenth time while still regurgitating things like "but if you say you're treegender you're not literally a tree!!!" it'd be funny if it wasn't so sad, and emblematic of how that space has operated for the last couple years (at minimum)

got the new kohei saito book and im really excited to check it out

i got it at a folk festival in North Carolina from this small artisan group and i tried to check their website and they literally don't even have contact info there

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i broke my favorite mug and cried about it

And if God does not deign one of us as the messiah, if we are not picked to end the suffering of mankind, then the question is one of uncovering political agency in the world.

It's not God who chooses the Messiah, it's the profane world that makes Messiahs.

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"At this hour, I no longer believe, as I once did,” noted Gershom
Scholem in a pivotal moment in his journals, “that I am the Messiah."

been trying very hard to figure out what it is i'm doing at all in any of my efforts regarding politics and creation

my political path, the waves i've made, were the self-expressions of a search for truth through engaging with critiques of the world around me and presenting the critiques that i felt like best helped us cut through the illusions around us that construct our world.

political development became synonymous with learning more, engaging more. this sort of development is only the case up to a point. but all of the machinations of our current digital epoch cloud this while we're in it.

social media has taught us lies. so much of it is designed to say that the only ideas worth sharing, the only ideas that "win," are the ones which rally quick and decisive attention, rather than long-term dedicated elaboration and discussion. social media has taught us that its better for ideas to be optically pleasing than true, because potential-popularity is potential-change, is potential-success.

but whats an achievable success for an idea isn't achievable success for a person, a community, a world...

nothing i made previously has really mattered. i know that being who i am, the way that i am, has mattered, and doing it publicly changed the scale of that mattering but i don't know what i'm doing yet.

the only thing i know is that i'm interested in what other thinkers interested in liberation had to say about our world, and why... and i want that to be as accessible to others as possible, so i know i can continue to be a small library-esque resource.

but i know i have the ability to create something that can help more people and is longer lasting than sharing some books. i don't know how to yet, but i know i want to and i know i can.

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it was nearly impossible to read this without seeing the similarities between how we, as humans in state-societies, live and how this elephant was kept, and the ways we both react to that same experience.

we might not be chained physically to our desks at school and work, but there is a chain.

if you haven't heard it yet, let me be the one to tell you.


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I met a member of the walking church yesterday. they speak of a divine wanderer who protects wanderers. i like them.

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A small congregation of exiles.