i need to do more local volunteer shit and fun classes

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thinking naussica is at least half consciously meant to be prophetic

i do really love how the more effort i put into knowing the various life around me (plants/birds/rodents and other scurriers) the more it feels like the space around me is alive, despite all of the greyness of of concrete and steel

hey horndogs what are the best NSFW instances

met an injured moth and couldn't do anything to help it and now i wanna cryyy

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BREAKING: #FuckStalkerware pt. 7 - israeli national police found trying to purchase stalkerware

for the first time ever, we can prove governments, intelligence companies and data brokers have tried to strike deals with mSpy, a stalkerware company


i met a man the other day while trying to catch a little dog that was scurrying around the neighborhood, he was really kind, and gentle with animals, and offered to let me use his back yard to catch the little dog

and today he was working in front of his house and saw me and he called my name and said "here!" and gave me one of his white rose clippings! it's like 5 or 6 flowers on one branching stem!

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The Swedish state dramatically overracts to a few dozen students occupying a building at KTH Technical University in Sweden. Mounted police and fucking attack dogs.


furiosa feels like george miller is sending love-letters to kojima

furiosa spoliers 

i still don't understand why she gets called the 5th rider of the apocalypse!! she's the fourth!

Dementus takes on the colors of every other rider! he starts white, turns red, turns black, and by the end has been stripped of his apocalyptic power! she finishes the job! how is she not the fourth rider!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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keep finding snoozing bees throughout the neighborhood 🐝 💤

cw: lots of little bugs 

look at all these little critters!!! (ladybug adults, ladybug larvae, aphids)

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New encampment at Columbia University formed by the Palestinian Student organization there..
Live coverage again on their college radio station, WKCR


while on a walk in the neighborhood we found a plant growing right outside of a sewer grate that was absolutely COVERED in aphids and ladybugs it was so cool

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El hongo al completo creciendo en una placa de agar, viéndose el micelio, no solo el esporocarpo que suele emerger. #hongo #fungi

and we thought that was gonna be the end of things but nope!

we were thinkin about that dog all day and, right as me and my partner were about to go on a walk with our own dog someone from Doctor's Without Borders knocked on our door asking for a donation. we let him give his whole spiel and gave a little bit of money, and he ended the conversation by being like

"hey there's a dog walking around the neighborhood. a little white dog. have you seen that?" and we explained the story to him before saying our goodbyes. and then we went venturing for that dog again.

we found him at a neighbor's house, someone we hadn't talked to before. he was friendly and asked if the dog was ours. we said no, but that we were trying to catch it. he offered to help, offered to let us use the enclosed space of his backyard for a few hours to try to catch the dog. (when we tried the dog escaped through the tiniest of crevices in the fence)

we met another man on a bike who was offering to help and rode around with us.

eventually, after following the dog around the neighborhood again, someone showed up who said it was their friends dog, and the dog, who was too skittish to let us touch it really basically ran right up to him.

it was *quite* an adventure, but i'm just glad the doggy is safe.

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