Every day I get up and I accept abuse with a smile. I nod solemnly and apologize when scolded for being a human being and not a robot. I do this all so that someone else who has control over me doesn’t punish me. This is going to be my life forever. This is every day until I die. I’m going to fucking snap eventually and I’m sorry to everyone who loved me or depended on me.

I assure you that if the only way to be manumitted was to present with drapetomania it would have a huge spike in diagnoses and people would identify deeply with the “illness” that freed them.

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She’s right. “Gender dysphoria” is basically just drapetomania but with the difference that now the recommended treatment is to free the slave.

In my dream world I would be alternating playing RPGs, acting in plays, and being in an armed defense role. Maybe some day I can turn one of these into an income, but I would really settle for getting to do any of them again.

Everyone you ever knew who told you they would keep you safe as long as you behaved, were already hurting you.

I totaled my car this morning. No insurance. Got fined. I’m a bit sore now.

Sadly, on a 19 you don’t meet the DC… you cannot establish a real human connection.

Riddle me this: how the fuck did I get this giant ass bruise?

So it turns out we just had the second snowiest day in Portland history! No wonder shit is so fucky!

I think an important part of my growth was realizing I didn’t owe the world any particular kind of body. I can just exist how I want to.

I went out in the snow and decided to go to the skate park and hit my head really hard falling into one of the pools :(

Lefties: the right has FAR more armored vehicles and 100,000 acre ranches. Please try to get your 5 million dollar agricultural mortgages in order and file for a $200,000 auto loan! We need to close this gap as soon as possible!

Need a girl who knows the secret syllable of royalty

I really want to go drive away with my mattress in the back of my car and all my belongings in a storage pod on top. I want take the back highways and stop whenever I see something I want to look at.

Does anyone know a good place in Portland to get a Subaru fixed up?

The RWU has released a report on the East Palestine disaster:


It seems like bad car placement(blocking) and a lack of maintenance caused this.

“Humility” is a lie. It’s a lie used to make your threat profile lower. This lie’s purpose is to either make yourself smaller in fear of those bigger than you seeing you as a threat or to make yourself smaller so people can’t assess the power you hold over them accurately.

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