@nyx yeah I rose up from perdition with flaming sword and black wings what about it

@eris @TonyStark @dangerdyke I’m throwing a moral fit? You’re the one moralizing about “white issues” and “divorcing from real world issues.” It’s clear you don’t think antisemitism should be cared about or considered because you find it immoral to care about oppressors like Jews.

@eris @TonyStark @dangerdyke I didn’t say you said that, that’s why it was a question. Don’t try to trick me into being all “Am I an abuser on Mastodon?” by saying I’m gaslighting you when using examples and comparisons to clarify an argument.

@eris @TonyStark @dangerdyke How exactly is this gaslighting? In what way am I trying to convince you your memory is wrong or get you to question your reality?

@dangerdyke @eris @TonyStark Do you think that we shouldn’t talk about transphobia because of Palestine?

@PallasRiot i got one from my local bookstore but I looked it up and it’s out of print

our GRS recovery mariachi torment (true story) (long) 

@dangerdyke @quasar this is actually hilarious

@emmycelium you woke them up and they’ll miss work cuz they can’t sleep and now they hate you because you are probably the most inconsiderate person in the world. They’re cancelling you on twitter rn

@moira Can’t wait to vote for atrocities happening because we need cheap lithium and ethanol instead of cheap petroleum. The issue isn’t oil it’s capitalism and the incentives states have to kill for profit and control.

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