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ana has discovered class reductionism and opens her arms wide

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@exiliaex I'm guessing class means ppl with jobs? and that race and gender are separate from class in her mind?

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@adaoist kinda. she thinks "we should stop talking about 'identitarian issues' like transness and instead just talk about issues of things like housing, medicare for all." she says that "the identitarian stuff just divides people"

@CupidsMolotov @exiliaex this is kind of a stupid question but i dont really understand class reductionism, let alone why its bad. Can someone give me a tl;dr?

@Mondobizarrro @exiliaex @CupidsMolotov
TL;DR of it is that class reductionism seeks to reduce every issue down to class, ignoring intersectionality. The irony of this approach is it entirely fails to actually do that, and just makes everything about poor normative folk vs wealthy normative folk.

@Spyemma @exiliaex @CupidsMolotov so it ends up being about as helpful as when tankies will separate countries as oppressors vs oppressed but ignoring that there are oppressed individuals in every country along with oppressors????
@Spyemma @exiliaex @CupidsMolotov even then i dont like separating it like "oppressors vs oppressed" cause imo theres just a lot of gray in between the black and white, and im not the most well read on stuff like this surprisingly

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"Kill the queers 👇
Strategically speaking, this is it"

stupid tyt shit 

@exiliaex wow who coulda seen it coming

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