"As expressed in panmetallism, metal is coextensive to the whole of matter, and the whole of matter to metallurgy. Even the waters, the grasses and varieties of wood, the animals are populated by salts or mineral elements. Not everything is metal, but metal is everywhere.
Metal is the conductor of all matter. The machinic phylum is metallurgical, or at least has a metallic head, as its itinerant probe-head or guidance device. And thought is born more from metal than from stone: metallurgy is minor science in person, "vague" science or the phenomenology of matter. The prodigious idea of Nonorganic Life—the very same idea Worringer considered the barbarian idea par excellence—was the invention, the intuition of metallurgy.

Metal is neither a thing nor an organism, but a body without organs...

The relation between metallurgy and alchemy reposes not, as Jung believed, on the symbolic value of metal and its correspondence with an organic soul but on the immanent power of corporeality in all matter, and on the esprit de corps accompanying it." -Deleuze and Guattari

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