shoplifting discourse has been making the rounds, does anyone have any good readings/studies/etc on shoplifting?

@exiliaex I thought it was established: okay if big company, bad if mom and pop

@FinalOverdrive @exiliaex what's the difference? i'm not a leftist but i don't really understand why moral distinctions should be drawn regarding how you behave regarding big and small businesses.


@pie @FinalOverdrive studies tend to show that when people feel like they're stealing from a person it feels different than when you're stealing from a faceless corporation. but, politically i agree that in class war, businesses are businesses and they are predicated on exploitation and the violent upholding of their power, and as such, the non-propertied can't really treat them differently.

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@exiliaex @pie im going to make distinctions, esp. if they don't have employees. Won't snitch on you either way fwiw

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