i've been developing a relationship with the crows in the neighborhood for a while now and now most weeks one or two of them have started following me around for part of my daily walks with my dog and today a couple of them landed near me and my partner while smoking a joint outside and i tossed em a little food. they're so cute and i'm so glad they're here

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@exiliaex there arent too many around where i'm at but i should also spend more time out there finding guys to talk to. there was a cat who used to follow me around for a bit but he was only around for a year and think he moves spots whenever winter comes around

@exiliaex i have a bird feeder outside, so usually a lot of the birds hang around my garden with lil Robins at times as well. There was also the time i was in spain, and this lil bird used to land on the balcony every day, and sometimes hop inside because i used to feed him cashew nuts every day. I love birds lol

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