it's gotten to the point where every morning, as i'm walking my dog for the first walk of the day, i'm joined by 3-5 crows who follow me for the whole walk. flying by and landing on nearby street signs, electrical cables, houses, fences, all until we get back home and then i feed them some (usually nuts or dog food)

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@exiliaex do you know anything about seagulls and how easy it is to start talking with them?

@ZiaNitori i usually avoid it because the gulls are usually just like, at beachfronts and stuff so they're more interested in stealing from all the random people instead of developing relationships.

i live close to a big lake with lots of seagulls, but my neighborhood is crow territory, the seagulls get kicked out by the crows around here. gull territory here is the area more directly around the lake.

if you want to start though, i would try looking into what foods they prefer (so like, *not* just bread) and talk to them and call out to them in sounds similar enough to their own that you get their attention as you toss out food to them

@exiliaex gotcha, they seemed pretty surprised and happy when i gave them some of the apple i was eating. i wish there was a less public place to find them that i knew about but rn all i know are the ones in the walmart parking lot

@ZiaNitori yeah there's a lot of crows and a few gulls at the nearest grocery store parking lot. it seems to be a no man's land for the birds. the grocery is right around a lot of fast food so there's always trash food for them to eat so it makes interacting with them a bit harder.

you could probably encourage the ones in the more public areas away from the public areas with food still though.

i don't know how good gulls are at recognizing people. i know crows are very good at it. so like, you'd have to make it a regular activity - walking from the parking lot to more private areas while spreading food for them. you can't do it just every once in a while if you want them to recognize you.

@exiliaex makes sense. i'll try to think of something though winter is coming up and i wont be here that much longer after that i think

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