sabine when she's asked how she feels about minorities

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@exiliaex @kaia this does not surprise me about Sabine, tbh, but is there a reference? (I mostly know her from having Opinions about high-energy physics).

@aoanla @kaia sure, i was thinking of her video "Is Being Trans A Social Fad Among Teenagers?"

@exiliaex @aoanla
oh no, why can't she stay in her field of expertise. she's doing a Richard Dawkins

@exiliaex @aoanla @kaia also her "why is everyone suddenly neurodivergent" video contains gems such as "only a minority of online twitter users seems to think autism speaks is a hate organisation". I don't know if she's wilfully bigoted or a lazy researcher...but the results are the same either way.

@aoanla @exiliaex @kaia tbh her opinions on high energy physics also suck. It is a pity because I think she used to do a great work with science news

@mtxo @exiliaex @kaia yeah, even in her specialism, Sabine is... controversial, to use a polite euphemism. (I personally think it's useful to have a few people with Opinions around - in their specialism - just to keep the orthodoxy from getting complacent - but that doesn't mean they're *right*)

@exiliaex i sometimes hate watch bigots, but i keep putting off watching her because status quo liberals from germany are the worst invention of humanity, and germany should have been split into 8 parts post ww2

@exiliaex also don't forget that capitalism good :)
t. Sabine Hossenfelder, microeconomic literature enjoyer

@exiliaex i am not usually bummed out by reveals of chuddery, but this one really stung :(

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