apparently there's been an "anti-furry" bill introduced. it threatens to call Animal Services on children who "anthropomorphize"

i can't help of being reminded of all the "Progressive Liberals" who made a meme era about threatening to hunt me for being "doe"

5 years ago i would've said a law like this would've never gotten introduced. i was naive about the limits of conservative moral panic.

it's actually so revealing about the nature of the discourse on humanity that when people, even children, engage with aspects of the non-human others will turn against them saying "we'll subject you to the conditions we subject non-humans to just so that you clamor for humanity"

Next thing you know, they will introduce a law that bans children playing dungeons and dragons or one that arrests cis men for wearing pink button-up shirts at the office or something.

Maybe a law that bans polka dots?

@celestia @exiliaex

arrests cis men for wearing pink button-up shirts at the office or something.

Reminds me of this classic Simpsons scene



Holy fuck this is prophetic. The Simpsons truly did predict it all!

@celestia @exiliaex Oh, yeah, come to think of it, I don't think I've ever played a human in DnD before, and it's a rarity amongst party members I've had, soooo :kitty_eyes:


"Egads, yikes. It's time to call animal control on this filthy degenerate sinner. They are playing this satanic game!"

Nah, but seriously, they would try.

@celestia @exiliaex Absolutely. Rules and laws are simply a way to oppress those they deem as the out-group while protecting those they consider their in-group :frog_sus:

@exiliaex oh you're*that* Doe! Hello, I hope you and your partners are well.

Yeah, every single dipshit who goes "iF yOu WaNt To Be TrEaTeD LIkE aN AnImAL wE gEt To HuNt YoU LiKe OnE 🤪" can eat shit.

@exiliaex Yet somehow a disturbing amount of idiots laugh in the face of others for voicing their concerns about the existence of antifurs.

What is this called.

@exiliaex this can’t be real I’m not gonna believe it (I’m in shock)


Animal control? 😳 These people get off on being horrible.


Ain't no way edgy 13yr olds got into the government.

@Avianbr0ski @exiliaex We base age on the age of the meat-sack, not the maturity of the brain piloting it :zerotwo_shrug:

@exiliaex Yet again the football that is "humanity" is kicked again to keep people down. As anyone for these people oppose to humanity itself are unworthy of any human treatment.

@exiliaex without ever having the thought they're skirting around, which is that we treat animals very poorly and absolutely could make a different choice every day in how we fund and implement care for animals lol

these people are only interested in killing and hurting

@exiliaex How does stuff like this even pass? How can "Don't be a furry" be a law?! WHAT DANGER DO FURRIES EVEN POSE?

@exiliaex wtf. why does this even need to exist as a bill? even if we're under the insane and very bad presumption furries are objectively bad and need to be banned
animal control doesn't have... human training?
why would you call animal control? do they think furries are werewolves???

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