getting mad at the human supremacists today

of course it's the marxists acting up, too


dude literally said "it's not possible to have self-consciousness without it involving mediation through language" and hasn't backed it up with a single thing

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Thats generally how Marxism works just dogmatically pronouncing something is true

@exiliaex ...but...most animals have they think language is "When Words"???

@exiliaex not to mention the consciousness is an unproven claim itself tied to Freudian psychology with no genuine scientific basis. ofc the marxist is feudian

My philosophy teacher in secondary school said animals were not self conscious, and the young me had an objection:
- I can make my cat yawn if i yawn in front of him.
- What do you mean?
- If my cat sees me yawn and that makes him want to yawn doesn' t that imply that on some level it has to recognize in me a conscious agent analogous enough to him that it makes him want to yawn too? I don't see how that could work if he is not somewhat conscious of himself as one.
- That is just an automatism.
- But automatas don't act upon irrepresible impulses to imitate other living beings around them, do they?
She dismissed me as if it was a ridiculous idea but by that point most of the class was on my side and she was pissed. She was also VERY catholic.

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