today seemed to be some sort of crow meeting day. 30 or more of them seemed gathered near the tops of trees, mostly gathered around 4 to 5 trees within visible distance of each other. lots of cawing.
no swooping attacks at each other.

one or two crows would fly off in a particular direction, then one or two more in another direction only to come back within 5 or so minutes.

eventually 4 came over to our house (and i do believe these 4 to be the regulars that stop by our house daily) while the rest stayed at the tops of trees that i could see from my porch. i was a bit nervous, not wanting to be swarmed by the whole pack, but i gave them a bit of food in our regular manner, which they gratefully accepted and flew off with.


my guess is something to do with springtime, but i'm not sure

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