how has a whole subsection of the """left""" has convinced itself that a group can't do genocide without it being a directly stated policy? it is baffling.
apparently all one has to do to get away with genocide is deny intent.

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@exiliaex because it's convenient to believe people that it would be complicated for you to have to have issues with?

@exiliaex people want to preserve convenient fictions that allow them to not question moral axioms. It's easier, in that context, to pretend that all people who commit bad actions - like genocide - explicitly declare that they do so, and potentially twirl moustaches evilly as they do it. Thus, when groups you want to continue to believe are "good" take actions with a "bad result", we can console ourselves with the idea that it wasn't "intentional" so they're still okay.

@exiliaex It's such a cop out, like they may kill, assimilate and just remove their history but as long as the genociders don't say directly show intent it won't be viewed as genocide to some. Even the intent part is bullshit, as when even the higher ups of the israeli government, and military say they have complete intent to genocide it's still not good enough to some. They just think genocide = auschwitz without understanding a genocide can happen without a single killing.

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