so, the 4 crows i used to talk to don't come back anymore ever since that tree got cut down. i have 2 (maybe 3) that visit me now, but they're a different group.

the group of 4 talked to me. not the usual "caw caw" we hear from crows, but a quiet voice with a bowed head - a sort of 'awa-awa' sound with a click noise.

for the first time one of the new group talked to me. it does the same bowed-head motion but it makes a much different sound. much more of a click-honk.

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@exiliaex other group still might come back, they sometimes spread out a bit this time of year. we had one long time friend disappear for 5 months and come back with a family last year.

@exiliaex and yes, crows have not just local dialects, they also often have a family dialect

@aurelia i hope the other group comes back, but, i their leaving is less to do with seasonal spreading - they left the day that our neighbor cut their large magnolia nesting tree down, so, i'm not sure how far they had to go to find a new one.

i am excited to continue my relationship with the other crows who visit now though!

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