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i still don't understand why she gets called the 5th rider of the apocalypse!! she's the fourth!

Dementus takes on the colors of every other rider! he starts white, turns red, turns black, and by the end has been stripped of his apocalyptic power! she finishes the job! how is she not the fourth rider!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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furiosa spoliers 

I saw it yesterday! I asumed the four horsement were simply Immortan Joe, The Bullet Farmer, the People Eater and Dementus (had to look up their names on Imdb).
It was allright but the dialogue at the end for Dementus's death seemed pretty dumb and way too long for what it was to me.
I liked the decision to make all of the second half of the movie point to a great final battle, then have a voice over say "and thus the 40 days wasteland war began" and just getting it done with a 30 second montage, i thought that was fun.

furiosa spoliers 

So i lookdd it up on wikipedia and the horsemen were Conquest, War, Famine, and Death. So I guess if we were to try to figure which is which it woud be:
ConquesT > Immortan Joe
War > the Bullet Farmer
Famine > the People Eater
Death > Dementus?

The last one doesn't track very well IMO although he kills Furiosa's mom and he is the one we see killing more people and always making a spectacle of it. He is too oportunistic and driven by circumstances, death is still a means to an end for him. He uses it, he is not molded by it. Another way one could see it is that death is actually Mad Max who Furiosa is soon going to meet. Dementus might be a red herring in that way.

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