mastodon is anarchy-social-media

cohost is socialism-social-media

bsky is liberal-social-media

twitter is fascist-social-media

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masto - everyone does what they want, you connect to who you want, you disconnect from who you want, you either voluntarily submit to someone else's rules or you set up your own

cohost - no ads, no corps, but control is maintained via a small vanguard

twitter - 'to keep making money we've decided to embrace white supremacists, transphobia, anti-semitism - when that inevitably doesn't work out we're going to monetize more and more and more aspects that were once offered for free!'

bsky - 'we'll compete with the fascists by making the exact same product but Friendlier™'

@exiliaex some people have told me that Bluesky doesn't really even stop the fascists, it just makes hiding them more effective. So, like, the Nazi bar but with thicker partitions

You know, like liberalism

@exiliaex Mastodon is all fun and games until you discover your account has been excommunicated from the largest archipelago of servers for being too pro-Palestine, which has happened to several people I follow. And then you wonder if it's a bit AnCap leaning.

(...In metaphor, not ideology here. I just think that admins tend to respond to the loudest complaints because admins are but human, not because they fancy themselves dictators)

@nus @exiliaex it helps that bsky gives tools to put a biiiig Shut Up sign on the bigots. They REALLLY don't like being ignored. But it doesn't remove them, and those same tools can easily help bind them even closer together, for those that stay.

@LiquidParasyte @exiliaex I would much prefer that the biggest get cast out and not hosted at all. They probably want to troll the most, but as a consolation prize, I'm pretty sure they still like to congregate.

I appreciate how Mastodon can effectively kick them out and force them to find their own hosting.


I ran a BBS in the 90's. ActivityPub and XMPP are what it was before the corporate takeover. I love it.


as far as i know cohost was made people who wanted mastodon to be good but got really annoyed with the drama between instances. so, no federation, no instances, no ads, just chronological posts (with some markdown capabilities for fun visuals of posts)

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