i don't like the concept of 'invasive species' i don't know how to make it functional without running into ethical issues i can't sign off on

like on the one level i obviously understand that some plants were introduced into ecosystems in which their behaviors are so aggressive that they destroy the biodiversity of an area........ but at the same time creatures are escaping the conditions that created them and radically changing other ecosystems, creating new pressures which force the life of those ecosystems to transform too.

how do i draw a line here?

thank you "BasedOmniMan" for giving me such a palpable example of why i'm suspicious of this terminology!


i was sent some things that might further my criticisms and suspicions.

like an academic back and forth published in journals about invasion biology:




and a book by Tao Orion called 'Beyond the War on Invasive Species" that i'm gonna try to pick up

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Some good, lesser-known material along the same lines if you haven't come across it:

Kollibri terre Sonnenblume is a fascinating individual who has written a short book on the subject (and currently writing a longer one). Also writes about related topics on his blog. He interviewed Tao Orion about their book, as well as Dr. Matt Chew who is a leading academic critic of invasion biology, on his podcast (links to blog and podcast on front page of his website):


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