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I’m basically the transsexual Paul Atreides(I’m bossy and killed a man with a knife at the age of 15)

Why do leftists always have to compare nazis and cops and shit to drug users to describe how bad they are? Meth head, coke-addled, etc… I don’t like it

Che killed like at least a few hundred people and you all love him, but I commit fourteen measly murders and everyone calls me a “monster” and “The Cascadia Cannibal”

Everyone’s main goal in life right now should be preparing their lives to be able to sustain insurgent militarized conflict against the police. Whether it’s training in firearms, stockpiling supplies, developing independent food sources, or making ready a safe house we all need to work towards something.

To Old to Die Young’s first fifteen minutes is scarier than almost any horror movie I’ve ever seen

Sometimes I remember how much someone I love loves me and I feel so much better

I’m starting to get really tired of anime’s shit. I just started watching Bastard cuz it looked corny and like ten minutes in a teen girl has to kiss a little boy

I think I’ve seen enough Mushoku Tensei to figure that the intended audience demographic is pedophiles

Felt too depressed about having to work soon so I decided to watch my first isekai anime. So far it’s pretty perverted and sexist

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Gonna fire up Xenogears. If it’s bad I’m going to be mad at so many people

My mom is against armed struggle against the state because she believes the fascists in charge would rather nuke the whole world than lose power and tbh it’s hard to believe otherwise

‪Even just letting that homeless person use your phone or giving a ride to someone walking along the side of the road is breaking out of the bystander mindset. You don’t need to jump into every fight you see or knock on the yelling neighbor’s door but maybe you can build up to it‬

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It’s not acceptable to be a bystander and let everyone around you be killed. Just because we’re all deprived of the tools and forced into a position of helplessness doesn’t make it alright. Every time I wasn’t just a bystander I hold it in my heart.

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