@PallasRiot did you know her first political job was working for a segregationist?

My friend gave me some tips to help my herb garden 

@nathanlovestrees i opened this post hoping for garden tips and here i sit, bamboozled!

-Marx, Chapter 10 of capital, quoting from the "Report of the Insp. &c., 30th April 1860"

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"'If you allow me,' said a highly respectable master to me, 'to work only ten minutes in the day over-time, you put one thousand a year in my pocket.'

'Moments are the elements of profit.'"

i want to put together a prize winning for somebody who invents a better name than 'fediverse' that can catch on

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death stranding having all its main characters cry when they Log On is so real

death stranding having all its main characters cry when they Log On is so real

a lot of the silliness in Death Stranding is so palpable once relating it to the role of social media in "connecting people"

@LiquidParasyte yes!! although i had actually started a couple years ago but didn't get anywhere. i've been playing it the last week or so and its been a lot of fun!

playing through for a first time has been a lot of fun

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@Spyemma it was made for a youtube thumbnail actually! it was made by @NastyREDACTED for a demonmama video! but it was so cute i just had to use it!

how come no one told me that delivering packages in death stranding was a metaphor wtf

okay i really gotta stop using social media for random little posts its so bad. the only reason i have a twitter still is because i don't want to lose 26k followers, thats a nice little platform. but i gotta treat it far more like a Public Brand.

@heathen its complicated: definitely southern but not part of The South in the same way West Virginia isn't part of The South because they refused to fight for the confederacy.

redrafting this because i misunderstood:

after losing a lawsuit, CompactMag, headed by Nina Power, had their logs leaked as part of the lawsuit.

i was under the misunderstanding that a victim of Nina's harassment sued her - i have since discovered it was the other way around! after harassing a "Luke Turner" to the point that he called her and her compatriot Daniel Miller fascists, they decided to sue Luke for libel! which revealed their messages in which they admit to being straight up neo-nazis!

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“There is no need to fear or hope, but only to look for new weapons.”
— Deleuze

been reading some of the critical scientific literature on invasion biology that was linked to me and the framing of these is so petty

@wallamidyl i recorded the session (though i had audio problems RIGHT before we started so, the audio is a little jank on the session, the future ones should be a bit better) i also have my own notes i wrote down prior to the session that i was thinking about archiving somewhere adjacent to my digital library (anarch.cc/library)

if you're interested, when i get it accessible i'll keep you in mind and send them your way.

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