here's the full quote for anyone curious.
its from The Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State

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what was Engels on when he said "Before incest was invented (and it is an invention, a really valuable one indeed)..."

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I haven't managed to do any solar imaging since last October. As there was a clearish period this afternoon and I had a bit of free time, I managed to capture a few images.

stealing this from my buddies over at Machinic Unconscious Happy Hour

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the Lavender AI, and AI military tech in general is the latest way to try to absolve the soldier of guilt or culpability for mass killing. "We were just following orders" becomes "we were just trusting the statistical model/algorithm/AI"

@bikeshed oooooooh. now that's an interesting read. unnerving even more so now. thank you for writing out your thoughts. genuinely very helpful, i think you're hitting the nail on the head.

@LiquidParasyte find what your line borders with! it's there you will find the possibility of becoming

i'm planning on publishing something on Autonomy (as a principle of self-organization) and i'm pulling a lot from the italian-variant of Autonomists. in particular i'm pulling from the book Autonomia: Post-Political Politics and there's this one section, which is kind of unnerving, that i just still don't quite get

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i think its time i lock down my twitter, stop tweeting entirely, and try to build my projects elsewhere.

"We fall into a false alternative if we say that you either imitate or you are. What is real is the becoming itself, the block of becoming, not the supposedly fixed terms through which that which becomes passes... becoming lacks a subject distinct from itself."

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@shadingwiththegrey which version of masto are you using? just a web browser or a particular phone app?

@shadingwiththegrey oh you didn't do anything wrong i was just being silly~

one landed on my roof while i was sitting outside and cawed at me a few times, and then it and two others flew into the yard and one of them mounted the other and they made a very unique noise while fluttering tails a lot

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my crows were in my dream last night. after numerous bad situations i was left on the top of something and my crows flew over and landed with me and nuzzled me before helping me get away. i think that's probably a good sign

@eris i'm sorry other people ruined what could've been fun about it for you. admin drama is one of the worst aspects of fediverse stuff and i did see you on the receiving end of nonsense so often

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