I also really loved this bit about their family's morning ritual and the author's transforming relationship to that ritual

(I can't fit this bit into text so here's some screenshots)

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apparently there's been an "anti-furry" bill introduced. it threatens to call Animal Services on children who "anthropomorphize"

sabine when she's asked how she feels about minorities

this is the only xkcd that matters and i've kept it bookmarked for years since i first found it

i've been trying for a while to get the crows comfortable with getting close to me. right now the current strat is just "look the opposite direction of the crow"

look at that sheepish little walk!

this is the caveman mask the researchers wore. if this guy showed up in my neighborhood i'd be scared as shit too.

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unless youre prepared to go to war on behalf of Seattle's Great Crow Satan - do not dress up as a caveman in Seattle.

you have been warned.

these are my friends and i love them so much, i talk to them every day and some of them have started talking back. the first time it happened i cried. i cant wait to keep developing with them 😇

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A small congregation of exiles.