stupid tyt shit 

ana has discovered class reductionism and opens her arms wide

went to niagara falls today with my pack. id seen the falls themselves once before as a child but i had never walked the length of the park before. watching the water develop as it gets closer and closer to the falls is really incredible. somewhat terrfying...

visiting maine has been so nice. today we went on a bog walk and it was unlike any bog ive ever been in. red moss and pitcher plants at the heart of the bog with shroomy woods surrounding it. it was frustrating to see the road disrupting its full potential though.

love this wretched lil guy subjecting harold to psychoanalysis

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conservative christian sermon 

how is this a real sermon and not a Tim Heidecker bit

i think my crow friends delivered me a lil bone fragment today.

i kept it in case i get more

just ran into an evil dropdown on a church's website

this journal (Coils of the Serpent) is really good so whats up with Nina Power being on the Advisory Board?

"No, the fascists haven't taught us anything at all... it's all stuff that we couldn't and wouldn't want to do. And it's all stuff that we predicted would happen the day the bourgeoisie felt seriously threatened... the advent of fascism should serve as a lesson to the legalist socialists."

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