redrafting this because i misunderstood:

after losing a lawsuit, CompactMag, headed by Nina Power, had their logs leaked as part of the lawsuit.

i was under the misunderstanding that a victim of Nina's harassment sued her - i have since discovered it was the other way around! after harassing a "Luke Turner" to the point that he called her and her compatriot Daniel Miller fascists, they decided to sue Luke for libel! which revealed their messages in which they admit to being straight up neo-nazis!

been reading some of the critical scientific literature on invasion biology that was linked to me and the framing of these is so petty

thank you "BasedOmniMan" for giving me such a palpable example of why i'm suspicious of this terminology!

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any autistic baddies wanna plug in and do some p2p transfers with me

cw: lots of little bugs 

look at all these little critters!!! (ladybug adults, ladybug larvae, aphids)

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i love seeing critters remember gifts given to them and returning the favor! mutuality is really so beautiful i love being alive i love my relationships with all the different critters and plants in my life i want to take them all so much further

look at how they spit in the face of values of freedom and cooperation in the name of democracy. and then to claim the locals' 'violent response' is a sign of dark hours ahead.

on the contrary - dark hours were brought on by the violent colonial project of indigenous genocide.

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maybe it's just me, but i don't think the French should be importing police to a tiny island nation to stop the locals from rioting against deepening French control of the island - especially at the expense of the indigenous population

shout out to Fern Gully for having a lil gay puppy boy who learns to be a fairy be one of the main characters

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"Somebody is radicalizing out students" Deputy Commissioner of Operations Kaz spoke after NYU and New School raid, "we will find out who that is".

"somebody is radicalizing our students - it can't possibly be the consequences of our actions! our Order is perfect! there's a parasite! that's it! we have to kill the parasite! our Order wouldn't have problems if there wasn't an Outsider that needs to be Brought To Justice"

if our society is "for the people" and "by the people" why is it every time people organize to actually coordinate a collective experience of the world these Armed Outsiders show up to cause problems?

here's the full quote for anyone curious.
its from The Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State

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stealing this from my buddies over at Machinic Unconscious Happy Hour

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