i just learned about collections of kids organizing protests of end-of-year tests. i know a lot of people are going to pretend like there aren't clear political reasons for kids coordinating struggles but, i hope those interested in liberatory politics are keeping an eye on this stuff.

@exiliaex people don’t give enough credit to kids. It’s like they don’t remember the Youth Liberation Front!

@exiliaex oof can just see the narrative lean from that teach XD New York Times level of downplaying protest lol

@exiliaex i want to meet the person that wrote this so i can laugh in their face.

This is the correct response to massive increases of unpaid labor (homework is still work) and cuts in everything that makes school feel worth going to (the arts, electives, etc.).

Teachers are caught between a rock and a hard place but nothing calls out how much our testing policies are bullshit like a general strike by

@exiliaex I love this. A small group of my kids protested our new (was his 2nd year) principal when he tried to expel a student for having a weapon. This kid was sweet and kind and smart and popular, had a big plan to attend an HBCU and study law but he comes from a family with gang affiliations and all the things that go with that. He was outside after school and these dudes drove by bc they were targeting a kid who had just transferred to our school (who is now at the rich white school and has been left alone) and flashed his gun and the dudes sped off. This was AFTER there had already been a drive by that hit a few uninvolved kids (they're all fine). Anyway, the group protested, which prompted other community member involvement. Kid got to stay, was relegated to 2 weeks of ISS, and walked at graduation as planned.

The kids protesting works and I'm glad to see them standing up for things and people they care about

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