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i think i maybe fractured my finger a couple days ago

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Be the reason people still believe in gentle hearts, with genuine intentions, with compassionate souls.

"Empire pretends to be master of the biopolitical world because it can destroy it. What a horrible illusion! In reality we are masters of the world because our desire and labor regenerate it continuously"

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if you set things up right, you won't have to touch grass

it will touch you

i did some volunteer work today! using shovels to dig up and pull blackberries roots. it ended up being pretty hard on my hurt foot/ankle but it was worth it!

i got to eat a salmonberry for the first time! pretty good (though i prefer the blackberries, however invasive they may be)

just got back from chasing around that dog from my neighborhood that routinely escapes. this is the fourth time i've followed it around the neighborhood for an hour or two - i wasn't able to catch it. i've actually never been the one to catch it. it's been caught only two of the four times. it makes me feel so bad to leave it out there but it knows where its home is and does *not* want to be caught.

it is so scared of confined spaces it breaks my heart...

i have little spots where i put their food and call them over and so i fed them and then was practicing commands with my dog and they flew from where i feed them to the table i sit and read at and looked into my coffee mug and i had to run from what i was doing with my dog to stop it from going further lmao

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today one of my beautiful crows tried to drink my coffee lmao

oh god its not even the birdsite anymore... the... musksite...???

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still laughing about how i got called a fat degenerate freak by brianna wu over on the birdsite

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Beavers create habitat suitable for water voles in Scottish rainforest

I’ll have to read the actual research as opposed to the reporting, always sensible, but hopefully this is good news. AND COMPLETELY EXPECTED in outline if nor specifics from a more balanced ecosystem. Deer anyone?

#environment #rewilding #Scotland #Beaver #Vole #Balance

"i will use the motorized roadway to reach only the destinations (stores) others have picked for me"

"i will walk on only cement and asphalt, baring the full might of the sun on my skin without any canopy coverage"

"i will go outside so that i can listen to the sound of motors, so that i can smell gasoline"

statements dreamed up by the utterly deranged!!!

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this account is pro-wandering, pro-vagrancy, pro-loitering

i need to do more local volunteer shit and fun classes

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thinking naussica is at least half consciously meant to be prophetic

i do really love how the more effort i put into knowing the various life around me (plants/birds/rodents and other scurriers) the more it feels like the space around me is alive, despite all of the greyness of of concrete and steel

hey horndogs what are the best NSFW instances

met an injured moth and couldn't do anything to help it and now i wanna cryyy

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